Love Horoscopes and Your Love Life

I am very optimistic about the prospects for Leos in April.

Mars, while moving through your star sign, is going faster and faster. You’re finding your stride, in a big way, and just about whatever the challenge, you’ve got what it takes. So if there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, perhaps since the end of last year, now is your chance.

And while this is going on the Sun, your ruler, is moving through Aries, where it stays until April 19 or 20. The Sun works very well in this sign, and during the first half of April you’ll have the chance to reach out for new horizons. And there might be an opportunity to do some travelling, if not now then in the near future.

From a career perspective, the overall situation looks excellent. In your working environment you’ll be very charismatic, and it’s a good time for networking. But you’ll have to be sincere. It’s not enough to send someone a quick email, or to be their friend on a social networking website. You have to really get to know them, and there’s no substitute for a physical meeting. capricorn horoscope

The career situation gets better and better as April progresses, and peaks on the weekend of the 17 or 18, when Venus aspects Jupiter. You’ll be a smooth operator, and through teamwork you can prove your mettle.

As far as money is concerned, you should be aware that on April 7 Saturn moves into the finance sector of your solar chart, where it stays until July 21. So over the next few months you have to careful about money, and you must understand your limits. If you make a financial mistake, you could be punished!

On April 14 there’s a New Moon. This New Moon could have many dimensions. I’ve already mentioned the importance of travel, but you should also consider your spirituality. The New Moon can show you new ways of looking at the world, that demonstrate that you’re not alone, that you’re part of a wider system, that works on many levels.

Yet if you’re completely sure of your spiritual beliefs, you might be encouraged to spread the word. So the New Moon could be very useful if you’re a missionary or a pastor.

Finishing up with romance, and if you’re already in a relationship your partner might be having a change of mind about an important subject. Don’t pressurise them, not now and not over the next few months.

If you’re a single Leo, the best place for finding new love is somewhere that’s very high profile. For example in your working environment. A working relationship can very quickly become romantic.

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