A Complete Review of the vivo V20 Next Generation Ultra Mini Ultra Camera


Purchase the Vivo V20 for a great camera. It boasts an impressive combination of eight MP, 16 MP and 2 MP dual-core cameras with high-speed dual zoom. It also takes awesome photos. It comes with various features such as Motion Autofocus, Eye Autofocus, High-Resolution imaging sensors, Super Night mode, Auto Image stabilization, Super Wideangle mode, Medium and Large Auto Focus modes, Dust Removal and other such amazing features. It is also one of the lightest and most compact digital cameras available in the market.

The vivo V20 is a mini computer in a bottle, which uses Windows CE. You can download videos and images using the built in media player. This camera has an on-board memory with 2GB ram and a microSD slot that can support up to a maximum of a triple megapixel camera. It runs on Windows CE and is available in various colors like blue, magenta, yellow and gray. There is a soft case that has a USB slot and a miniature mouse.

The good thing about the vivo v20 is that it can be connected to your computer via a USB cable and it also has a full range of connectivity options including an audio cable, micro USB cable, headphone jack, micro USB card reader, camcorder audio cable and a front camera. It has an inbuilt video recorder as well that can record video up to two hours in length. The inbuilt flash drive can store footage for up to a month. It has a high-quality, widescreen, matte display that offers great picture quality for all video activities. vivo v20

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